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First time gay massage stories

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First time gay massage stories

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He picked up the pace and slammed his cock deep and hard in me, I was getting light headed. He fucked me for what it felt like hours but it was only about twenty minutes. I gayy he was getting close to cum, he got thicker and I felt him begin to jerk inside of me and then, he asked me if I first time gay massage stories him to cum inside of me. This happened about fifteen years ago, I talked my wife into having a threesome with a firxt of mine. My wife had never had sex in a threesome before it took me a long time to get her to agree into having sex with a friend with a friend of mine. After many months of asking or should, I massagd begging her telling how much we would enjoy it.

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When it was finished, I made another appointment to see him again before going home.

We quickly kissed, Greg grasping my shaft and saying he hoped to see me again soon before I stepped out the door. He rubbed me oh so light! It took several gulps to force the sticky cum down my throat.

My first male massage

Without saying a word, he place my cock in his mouth and gave me the best blowjob I had ever had. I wondered if I had made the right choice about enlisting in the Army.

My wife had never had sex in a threesome before it took me a long time to get her to agree into having sex with a friend with a friend of mine. I move back a little so that the hole of his cock was right against my tongue. I wanted this threesome so, I went with it and sure enough his cock slipped in my mouth as he was ramming it into her.

He stopped breathing and I could feel his legs tremble. Hank was waiting with a bottle of water when I walked from the room. I didn't care,I just wanted him to do it again.

His cum hit the back of my throat and I swallowed quickly. He touched my painfully hard dick and squeezed it gently with one hand while the other gently massaged my balls.

Massage gay sex stories

Hank put his hand over my mouth to stifle my moans. You lose all interest in news reading.

Both hands were on my head now, holding it in place. I felt strongly relaxed yet tense. I wrote to him and asked him for rates and what it consisted his massage? As I stepped from the bathroom, Greg met me with a smile, telling me he would first time gay massage stories for me to stay and continue playing but his next client was not far away. Not knowing what to say I hesitated, Greg asking if this was my first time for a massage like this which I nodded at, Greg saying that he also does "male relief" if Massahe wanted to go that way.

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Score this Story. He oiled me up and massaged me all over taking his time been careful not to miss any area but making sure not to make me cum. Greg continued to stroke me hard and fast, telling me to cum for him when I realized my earlier orgasm felt different because I came without shooting my load. Trying not to sound eager I replied with a definite but somewhat willing yes.

I often fantasized about being dominated by another man. He grabbed a moist cloth and cleaned me up.

I tried to storoes his rhythm as I slowly stroked his big hard cock. I think I knew what may happen, but having never done this before I was still had trepidations.

I felt his hot load filling me up this was my first time to have some cum inside of me and it was so hot. The knowledge that my thoughts were correct gave me the courage to tell him I was eager to enjoy some male relief. As i was already covered in oil, Greg's fingers slid easily into me, feeling my arse open and take him in one slow motion until i felt his hand press against me, his fingers deep in my hole.

He did this a few times until,he was fully inside of me. I begin to unbutton your shirt. Soft music was playing on the speakers. I felt his mouth on my cock head Oh fuck I almost came straight away.

Gay massage stories

Less Stressed Whilst they were out on an access visit, I thought I would like to have a massage to relieve the stress I was getting from all the legal proceedings involved in getting your. I let the head rub against the inside of my cheek amssage I was jacking him off. I moved just enough to press my lips to his, feeling him return the moment of passion as our tongues met, Greg breaking the kiss as he fitst himself off me and grasping my hips as I told him I wanted to feel him fuck me until his cum unloaded inside me as he slid almost first time gay massage stories the way from me then with a hard thrust, drove his stores completely back inside me, as he pounded me hard and fast from the first thrust, slamming me into the table.

Without commitment, you nod and smile your way through the crowd to stand against the wall. He continued his massage of my stomach and chest and I could see his cock sway with his movements. gsy

We made arrangements to meet the next day of my arrival. He would change rhyme from slow to fast and rolling his cock inside of me. I had to swallow it or spit it out, there was too tiime, so I swallowed it. I told him that,I wanted to stay for another hour if that was good for him? Jason Just laid down his full weight on me.

First gay massage with a very happy ending

Clearly I would have to give him a call because I was already thinking about doing it again. I felt rirst I was in heaven. Total 0 votes Loading