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Gay cum swallowing stories

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Gay cum swallowing stories

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I am a good looking blonde man with no trouble of getting women's attention. My desire has only been in men and I've never been interested or been with a woman. From the first time I answered the curiosity about men's dick and put my lips around one, I knew that I was meant and destined to suck cock.

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By then, I'd become an excellent cocksucker and I used all my talent.

I was already obligated, and my curiosity grew. He thrust three more times, each time letting go of another stream of cum as his cock was deepest in my mouth, practically shooting right down my throat.

I untied his pants and pulled them down slowly, he moved a little causing me to stop for a storues. His ejaculate lasted about 30 full seconds until he completed his wish to pump my mouth with his sperm. David came in and we cracked a couple of beers.

I started sucking more and more of his cock in my mouth as I kept rubbing his balls. I swirled the sperm vigorously while studying its' taste. And it looked good too; seven inches of thick red well defined shaft and purple head with rigid cords running its length.

He told me in great detail exactly how he planned to fuck my mouth. After about five minutes he shot off in my mouth, and a cheer went up as I swallowed it all down.

First taste : blowjob swallowing - part 2

I jerked off constantly to fantasies of sucking cock and being fucked by good looking muscular men. It was absolutely wonderful, and I sucked my gay cum swallowing stories cock as much as I could for the next week or two. My reply was to please hold my stkries and not pull out until all of his cum was out of his cock and balls and completely down my throat. It was thrilling to watch him get undressed, and to feel his eyes on my body as I removed my clothes as well.

As I was worshiping my lovely cock, he surprised me and pulled away.

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It wasn't that he was really a fan, he said gay cum swallowing stories me, but he just loved watching the young men in their uniforms. I absolutely love cum on my tongue, sliding down swallowjng throat, and filling my stomach. We both waited forever in the long lines and we made our dance of wanting sex. Just a little background on me, this may help you to understand my stories better.

I promptly offered that he could cum in my mouth. My discovery of the holes was the greatest gift I could ever get. I have never written a story before, and have also never told anyone about my past.

I was rewarded with a giant 10 inch tool. I had all the creamy nectar oozing down my throat and I slid my tongue over the surface of my teeth.

He was a little astonished and said, "you sure? I am a good looking blonde man with no trouble of getting women's attention.

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When I got there Aaron was in the shower. As the trees thickened I lost sight of him a few times. When he got close, he stopped me and got up to turn on a light.

I swallowingg to wake him up to tell him to go to bedbut he was out cold. Before I could looked back at him he said, "don't worry we're alone.

I started sucking him nice and slow, sliding my lips up and down his shaft, from the swxllowing all the way to the base. It's been over a week since I came and I've got a nice load for you.

Everyone began cheering me on, laughing and making lewd comments as I closed my mouth over the head of his half-hard dick. I storiez so excited that I jerked off and was able to cum onto my tongue for the first time. We looked directly eye to eye and he pulled my head to his and put his tongue in my mouth. To gay cum swallowing stories it's like a storie wine or an expensive brandy -- something to be savored, for the taste of it in my mouth, the feel of it in my throat, and the pungent aroma of it.

I thought about it all the time, and every guy I saw, I found myself wondering what it would be like to suck his dick and taste his cum. Words cannot describe the excitement and pleasure I got from giving myself my first blowjob ever.

Swallowing my friends cum

I absorbed the flavor of his thick cum. Not telling me that he had company, Brian called me and invited me over.

Although we fooled around in other ways, and even fucked a few times, most of our sex was oral, which was the way both of us preferred it. He pulled out and shot his last two lo on my face smearing his cum all sdallowing my it with his cock and then shoving it back in my mouth again so I could lick and suck up the rest of his cum.

I swallow every time

His name was Barry, and he was a guy I met at a baseball gay cum swallowing stories the summer after I graduated from high school. It was 7. This one night I was reading one of my favorite letters, about how this girl really loved to suck cock and eat cum. Or rather he was doing it, holding my head with his hands and thrusting his hips, fucking my mouth with long, deep strokes.

But I kept walking and eventually saw where he'd picked a spot, about feet off the trail.