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Ideas for second dates

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Mark SykesGetty Images Allow me to let you in on a little secret. First dates don't really matter. Hear me out: So.

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Have fun playing a round of mini golf

Find a dive bar with a jukebox Did you know you can literally just type "jukebox" into Google Maps, and it'll turn up places that have jukeboxes? Stuck on what to talk about on a second date? Before we get into our list of great second date ideas, here are some general tips you should keep in mind when planning your 2nd date. Hannah Smothers Hannah writes about health, sex, and relationships for Cosmopolitan, ideaw ideas for second dates can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Pick a favorite bookstore or one you've always wanted to check out, and browse the shelves together.

That's why a festival is ideal.

We may earn a commission through links on our site. Because they're literally deed to showcase arts, datee almost always have very flattering lighting. Now comes the even harder part: You actually like this person and want to see them again. Crash Course For something completely different, the last of our second date ideas is taking a class together.

Non-cliché second date ideas that are better than dinner and a movie

Editors handpick every product that we feature. If you don't, there's already some healthy tension. You'll have the chance to get a little bit competitive and flirtyall while chatting in a low-pressure environment. Grab a food truck dinner But with an added twist: Send your date on a mission to order your food for you, and you order their food. Hope Suisa relationship expert and author.

11 second date ideas so great they'll definitely lead to a third

Get your date laughing without doing any of the work. Date 1 vs. Here's what they offered up.

It's much easier to get to know someone and ask them questions when you're both engaged in an activity, so look for a coastal walk or bush trek and invite them along for ifeas two! Where else can you get that?

Date #1 vs. date #2: which part is different?

It only seems fair, right? It's one of the good second date ideas for testing a iedas adventurous spirit. Sep 11, Dean MitchellGetty Images So you've nailed the seconf date: you figured out how to land itwhat activities to planand how not to screw it up. If not glassblowing, try pottery, sculpture, or drawing. Pick your apples, enjoy some cider and donuts, and if you're both feeling it, have a real meal afterward.

Even if you're both terrible dancers, an evening out on the dance floor—whether it's to salsa music or hip hop—is sure to spark romance if there's any chemistry there. So borrow that little tip and use it on your second date to get to better know someone.

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Luckily, you don't have to live in a real-life romantic comedy to plan something special in the date department. Meet up for a brunch date. Maybe it's the smell of all that paper and ink, or the close quarters you're forced into between the shelves. You can go to a karaoke bar, and swcond actually do any karaoke yourself.

First dates don't really matter. Seeing how they mesh with your circle or how they fit into their own and deal with social situations can make you even more attracted to your date—or give you a he up that they're not the one. If you're in need of some inspiration, here are 11 ideas for the most underrated date in the whole game.

Second date etiquette

Fot not pointless, per se, but first dates only exist as the necessary hurdle to reaching the true holy grail of courtship—the second date. A tandem bike ride could up the romantic stakes even higher, for a girl or guy, share a ride to remember. But by date two, you're more ready to show this person the place where the bartenders ideas for second dates your drink order idexs will let you charge your phone behind the bar.

Run a race! It gives you an interesting topic to talk about and art makes for one of the classier dates. If a local public pool is open after dark, night swimming together can be one of the more romantic and intimate second ideas for second dates ideas—while feeling totally unexpected. Save cooking the extremely complicated ideass chicken recipe from that beautiful cookbook you got for your birthday three years ago for down the relationship line.

The younger you are college studentsthe lighter it should be.