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Mistress berlin

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Mistress berlin

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In need of a strong, beautiful and assertive woman to harness your unruly male desire?

Age: 19
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: I Wants Sexual Dating
City: Port Coquitlam, Beauregard Parish, Gourock, Macclesfield
Hair:Ultra long
Relation Type: Lonely Older Women Seeking Love Ads

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Will you go mistress berlin of your way to do so and be proactive about it? Your sub, j. You are so beautiful and i feel so attracted to Mistress berlin, Your appearance, Your dominance, Your sadism. Therefore you can dive even into intense experiences and feel safe and secure. This misteess as well one of the reasons I truly believe You are a superior being.

Unusual games are welcome! I do have Your bite mark berlkn my neck. My legs, ass, balls, cock are full of red and blue marks.

I love to control, service and total submission. Do you take pleasure in the thought of serving and pleasing her? As a classic dominatrix, I am a skilled SM player with a lot of experience.

Complete submission is your lot, and that is all. I have a deep understanding of the submissive male mind. I derive genuine pleasure from your suffering. I am an established Mistress berlin in New York City of over two decades. I am an insatiable Black Queen.

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I wanted to recall the oppressive atmosphere of my youth and assume the role of a dominant, strong woman and thus to experience everything again from a position of berlinn. I have honed My skills over a period mistress berlin six years, systematically extending My arsenal of methods and equipment.

Thanks again and I am looking very forward to see the Goddess again. I will train and discipline you, restrict and play with you as I wish.

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The only way to My heart is along the path of torment. I apply pain and torture with real artistry and imagination.

It excites me more than what is considered proper. Being empathetic to your needs and hidden desires, I can be sensual to strict depending on mood and chemistry. You have come to the right place.

With the little I knew about You I already suspected You are special and You were indeed definitely worth the trip to Berlin. I am notoriously arrogant in My pleasures. Lady Blackdiamoond Experienced mistress berlin and femdom mistress from Berlin. Having to leave You Goddess after that intense and intimate hug, thanks so much for this honor and telling me that You enjoyed the time with me, this makes me happy.

I very much love everything i still got of You now. However, sensitive experiences, dominant massages, and anal plays also have their place.

Do you mistress berlin about role reversal? With a background in both psychology and theatre, having studied at Herbert Berghof Studio in Manhattan, I delight in and offer a vast array of role play scenarios. mostress

Whips & chains: meet local dominatrix mistress berlin

Together with the breath play - adding your hands and your nipple treatment, being helplessly prisoned in foil, it was one of the best face-sitting ever! My authentic dominant mistress berlin attracts my guests always to come back, because I am also a specialist of Dirty Games. Confidence mistress berlin a detailed preliminary is the basis for a successful session. I practice exclusively practices from which I have mastered to perfection and for me its extremely important that my guests laid in a protective atmosphere, before I take total control.

My skills range from slut training to Blackness Superiority — from humiliation, bondage, watersports and caviar to corporal punishment. I am very responsible. Misyress accept that it takes courage to submit, but I am not interested in your fears. Bodies are fascinating playgrounds to me, helpful on the path towards the ultimate sex organ: your mind.

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In mistresss of a strong, beautiful and assertive woman to harness mitress unruly male desire? I hope i will have a lot of days like this with You. I could be myself with You Goddess and mistress berlin appreciated and accepted When I see you degraded, I rejoice knowing that it is better to be Me than the scum you are. Prepare to serve the cruel and villainous Mistress Berlin.

Give yourself to Me indiscriminately, sacrificing everything to sensual pleasure, and mistress berlin then will you know true happiness.

Beginner, fetishists and slaves can drop themselves with me. It was such an intensive mistress berlin beautiful day. I enjoy getting creative with elaborate punishments that make other slave owners seem cordial in comparison. I know exactly what you think and feel, and I know best how to deal with it. I want to suffer for You more, much more I want to be Your pain-doll Your will-less dog… I will dream the whole night of You.

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Thank You so much for that Goddess. My dominance is Genuine passion. True connoisseurs have long known that mistress Blackdiamoond represents the highest level of discretion and security. Specials Specials Be My plaything for a full evening. Mistresw are a very special exciting superior Lady, mistress berlin real goddess which i was addicted at once These rare moments are the ones I value mistress berlin treasure the most, and You are one of the very few I have met in my life that are able to make me feel like that.

My name is Mistress Blackdiamoond.