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Strip game story

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Strip game story

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We camped beside the stream that runs thru the property in a beautiful spot. We got there Friday night and set up camp just as it got dark. The evening activity consisted of sgrip and playing cards.

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I was surprised to see they were ahead of us. Kristen slid her down so that she could lap up Joe's come. Apparently the girls had not wanted to hang around for the other speeches and had left early, the limo dropped me strip game story and I went inside. When Kristen and I were first married, we spent quite a bit of time with them. Joe was certainly long, but not thick, because her pussy was incredibly tight.

Strip poker with a twist

They may not have seemed close to each other, but they were hanging onto every word strip game story said. Kristen noticed my disinterest in her and pushed me towards Karen. There were 6 of us — 4 girls and 2 guys. The way she said it made me instantly hard. Joe and Kristen went along. She made an even bolder move.

She whispered something in strip game story ear and gave her a kiss on the cheek. While were down to our pants and boxers, they still had four more things to remove. Joe's all for it, of course! She parted her pink labia with one hand and started to put two then three fingers in, all the time rubbing her clit with her thumb. By now, I figured she was ready to have her pussy eaten. Joe must not be a good pussy eater because my wife almost immediately screamed out and orgasmed right on Karen's face.

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Karen giggled nervously, and said she wasn't sure if she was ready. I have to admit that Joe too is attractive. That Friday at work felt like a lifetime. He's downright huge! We had accomplished a lot.

On the second day we made our speeches and mine was last, not finishing until about nine that evening. Karen hesitated a few seconds, and then dropped a bombshell of her own.

Mary looked disappointed, as did Anne, but they accepted the situation. Up to strip game story, we have only been with others in the lifestyle. I just think it would be so hard to have sex with strangers. I stkry definitely volunteering for this job next year in the hope that the events could be repeated.

I again attempted to slide my hand down her body, and this time there was no resistance. I got prune fingers just from a little fingering. The conference was now over and I slumped into the limo for the strip game story back to the house. Here was my wife eating Karen's pussy while her husband was fucking her. I was trying to get a sense of how their relationship was.

Games - strip poker story

She stands about 5'11", with shoulder-length brown hair. I nearly jumped out of the roof to get up to get a deck of cards. The next two hands went to the ladies. Then, worst luck, I lost and Mary won.

At this point, Joe took over. I began to kiss my way down her body past her tits and belly and tasted her bare pussy. She then moved across the bed and lowered her tight little pussy over my face, my tongue sstory straight into her moist cavern. The girls had an unfair advantage.

The three of us stayed like this for ages, sucking and fucking, Anne and Mary kissing at the same time.